Making Love in the WILD

A Romantic Handbook for Adventurous Couples
by Chuck Butkus
Outdoor Romance in Nature's Sensual Setting

Love Making Tips in the Outdoors:

1. Swim (naked) first, if you can- it's a turn on and you'll smell better.
2. Pine needles on the soft forest floor will tickle your back.
3. Making love in the water is an incredible experience.
4. Rain and wet grass can be a real turn-on.
5. Making love on the side of a mountain, with its panoramic view, is a sensual high.
6. Be safe and feel comfortable, don't take chances, or you won't enjoy it. Get out
         early in the day so you don't wind up walking out in the dark.
7. Keepads, bug spray, a tarp and lots of water are a good idea.
8. Be out when the bugs aren't. Early spring and early evening are especially buggy.

From the Book:

In the Middle of an Open Field (from Chapter One)

     You find a large open field bordered by a country road and a grove of trees. There are no houses, tractors, cows or horses. Because the field is not fenced, you know that farm animals don’t abide here.
     A dozen butterflies are lighting near the center of the field, then flying up, circling, and lighting again.
     You walk toward the little wings and spread the blanket nearby for a picnic. The grass is over two feet high, and it shields you from the road.
     Bees are busily caressing the clover and wildflowers, oblivious to you and the butterfly demonstration.
     The butterflies are landing on the moist rocks and licking the water off them. They seem to like you, and fly near your head, landing on a rock inches from the blanket. The beauty of those delicate creatures with their tongues caressing the rocks can only be seen, not described. It’s a fantasy world, with you at the center.
     You kiss and marvel at your good fortune-- the two of you in a special little world few ever experience.
     Taking a cue from the butterflies, you begin gently licking your mate on the lips. Then elsewhere. A responding satin tongue roams your body.
     ....You forget about the picnic and roll off the blanket together.

     Take turns being on the bottom. The view looking through the grass at your lover, into a sky floating with butterflies, as bees nuzzle the clover is a unique experience.

On the Picnic Table (from Chapter Eight)

     What more appropriate place to make love than the location where you enjoy each other’s company over food and wine?
     You and your companion are supping at the lakeside picnic table, complete with grilled salmon, fresh corn and just-picked strawberries. Ironically, a huge bass jumps, then splashes into the lake directly in front of the table.
     You feed the strawberries to your tablemate, kiss, then they’re fed to you. You each accentuate lip and tongue movement as you accept the berry. Other juices start flowing through your system.
     The setting sun frames your partner’s face and hair in a tangerine light— what beauty! A mama mallard and her eight ducklings swim by, quacking away. Frogs across the lake have begun their medley, and the crickets provide accompaniment to your ears. What restaurant can provide this ambience?
     After dining, you sip the Brut and begin thinking about the dessert course sitting on the bench. You hold your love, kiss and whisper.
     Hungry lips feast on yours. Looking into ravenous eyes, you ease your tablemate down onto the bench for the first tasty dessert. The second dessert course becomes more than oral. You clear the top of the table and put it to better use...

Lying on the Beach, Waves Lapping Body (from Chapter Five)

     You are exploring the area near your camp away from the trails. You stop at a tiny sandy spot on the lake. The area is less than twelve feet wide with eight feet of sand reaching to the water. It is straddled by pine on three sides, with branches hanging waist-high over the sand.
     The canopied sand invites you to lie down and take in the sun beaming from across the lake. As it gets really hot, you take off each other’s shirts. Kissing and stroking each other, the rest of the clothes become a burden. As the early afternoon sun becomes sweltering, you lie with your lower bodies in the water, upper on the sand. The baby waves gently brush your bodies as you kiss and touch. Soon there’s more heat than the sun is giving.
     You lie with your back on the sand and your lower body kissed by the waves while your lover orally compliments the water motion. After a while, you change places.
     Eventually, you join together in the loving, lapping water.

     I suggest that you alternate being on top. The sensation of the waves supplements the love motions of your partner. With your back on the sand, as you look at your beachmate framed by pine boughs filtering the sun’s rays, it seems more fantastic than real. Each of you should experience it.

Against a Big Rock in the Middle
of the Rushing Stream (from Chapter Six)

     Munching on crackers and cheese, you two are picnicking on a flat bank overlooking a creek. Downstream, a dozen small rocks seek your attention by splashing water upwards. They look like little haystacks sparkling in the sun. Below them is a big, flat rock that the small flow seems to be raging against and around.
     You sip Merlot, and become lovingly lazy; kiss, touch and tease. After an hour of this foreplay in the warming sun, the heat of your passion grows intense. You fantasize about making love in the flowing water.
     As you think about the loving, that big rock again comes into view. What would it be like making love against that rock with the water gushing all around your bodies?
     Your love has the same idea. You playfully take off each other’s clothes, then splash down to the rock holding hands....
     The water enhances and stimulates every slight movement. It is a pulsating excitement that changes each time you move...

     Your lover sits in the water with his back against the rock, facing the flowing water. He now has water forcing against him and flowing around both sides. You join facing him at first, then turn around, feeling the stream flow compliment your lover’s movement in different ways.
     Since the flow is not too strong, you decide to lean back against the rock, with your lover above. You experience the sensuality of the water as it whirls around and through.
     Don’t attempt this in too great a flow-- you might be sitting against that rock until there is a dry spell.

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