Making Love in the WILD

Outdoor Love Making Surrounded by Nature's Beauty

Making Love in the Wild is a guide's collection of romantic portraits featuring a loving couple surrounded by the beauty of Nature. It celebrates the sensuality that Nature contributes to making love in her many environments, without being explicit. The book paints a vivid picture, guiding YOU into each setting surrounding the lovers, as all of their senses become alive. You are there, experiencing the passion of making love outdoors!
    The romance and sensuality found by lovers in the outdoors make this book unique, as compared to the humor or safety tips of others. This guide is 128 pages of sensual love making and childlike fun! It is only $10 + shipping. A passionate, fun book that makes a unique gift!

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Some Endorsements:

"A serious how-to book for nature lovers and their partners." -- Sunday Gazette

"A man with a love of the Adirondacks and a flair for the romantic has written a book with the intriguing title ..." -- Adirondack Journal

"It’s about getting away from all the outside influences, and just being with each other in nature." -- Helen Tompkins, Host Singles talk, SACC-TV.

"Chuck Butkus has blended romance and sensuality with beautiful portraits of the Adirondacks ..." -- Greg Millett, Founder, Singles Outreach Services

"It's just a fun, romantic book, and not at all what you might think the title tells you. It's just absolutely fun." -- Ann Parillo, Host Schenectady Today

"... is a guide to outdoor pleasure." -- Dick Carlson, veteran guide, Director Skiing & Mountain Biking, Garnet Hill

"This Handbook is passionate and well thought out, yet open for interpretation by the lovers who use it." -- Shihan Patrick Hussey, Founder Tenkara School of Karate, Director International Martial Arts Association

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About The Book:

    This guide book is written by a licensed whitewater guide. The introduction states that "It is respectfully written for adult couples who want to spice up their relationship." It emphasizes that you can easily become more childlike and playful in the outdoors, because there is no one there to see you or judge you, and you can "throw away your watch", not being ruled by time. The focus is on the beauty of the settings, the unusual circumstances you can benefit from, and the diversity that nature provides.
    Chapters are organized by outdoor setting, with titles that include The Woods, Lake or Pond, The Stream, The Mountain, Watercraft, At Camp and Bad Weather. Each chapter has an introduction that sets a mood for the series of love scenes in that environment.
    Certain scenes are written as the woman experiences it, while others are written as the man views his lady. In either case, the reader is placed in each beautiful setting. No sex is involved. Instead the author paints a picture of the environment surrounding the lovers.
    The author’s passionate love for his lady is felt in every scene. Each setting portrays romance in an unusual outdoor landscape described with vivid imagery. The reader sees, hears, smells and feels the environment around the lovemaking through the descriptive words. All of the senses come alive to Mother Nature’s caresses. These picturesque, sensual descriptions of the settings are the major strength of the book:
    Leave it on the coffee table and watch the reactions of other couples!

Chuck Butkus

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